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May 31st 2012, RISING
RISING, co-funded by the European Union (FP7,
DG MOVE), was a pioneering project which
addressed on the usage of RIS services for transport
logistics businesses and their operations. After
40 project months the RISING project finishes on
May 31st 2012. Read the full newsletter.
December 7th-8th 2011, Riverdating, Paris
Periskal has participated the business event “Riverdating” in Paris. This annual trade fair was organised by VNF on the 7th-8th December in ‘Halle Freyssinet’. Various logistic stakeholders, shipping companies and inland skippers met each other to debate.
December 1st 2011, Final Event Rising and Iris Europe II, Duisburg, Germany

On December 1st the Final Event took place of Rising and Iris Europe II. Both projects are almost finalised. In a gorgeous venue, an old manufactory in Duisburg the participants presented their role in the projects and the different demonstration cases were highlighted to show the realisations. Likewise Periskal was present on this event to show its contribution, the development of a voyage plan on a logistic web portal.

November 9th-10th 2011, DISC 2011 Conference in Bucharest, Rumania
On the 9th and 10th of November the GIS forum Danube organised the DISC 2011 event in Bucharest, Rumania. On the event delegations of East European countries presented their results and actions in the field of RIS, River Information Services. An overview of the EU projects Iris II and Newada was given by Via Donau and RSOE. Periskal presented its main achievements of the last year like RIS Serbia, Bulris and Ship Equipment program in Rumania.
October 4th 2011, Periskal cvba has been awarded to ISO 14001:2004 certification by DNV
On October 4th 2011, Periskal was proud to receive the certification ISO 14001:2004 which is an official recognition of implementing successfully an environmental management system. Hereby Periskal will take care of doing business in a sustainable way with a constant focus on reducing its environmental impact.

April 11th 2011, RIS Workshop - "Implementation of River Information Services (RIS) on the Danube."
Marc Persoons of Periskal gave a presentation about the ongoing RIS project in Serbia. The different aspects of the project were highlighted: the equipment of the vessels, the installation of an AIS base station network and the architecture of the RIS centre.

May 28th 2010, Periskal cvba receives ISO 9001:2008 Certification


On May 28th 2010 Periskal cvba has been awarded to ISO 9001:2008 certification. This means the company has successfully implemented a Quality Management System. On June 14th, the official award took place in Wuustwezel, Belgium.


February 2010, startup RIS project in Serbia

RIS Serbia actually consists of more contracts which take care of the set up of the whole RIS infrastructure in Serbia. This includes apart from the entire shore base infrastructure also the vessels will be equipped with AIS transponders. These are governmental ships as well as private vessels. The AIS shore based network will be built in 2010 along more than 400 km of the Danube between Hungary, Croatia at one side and Bulgaria/Rumania on the other side. The installation of devices in the mountains of the Iron Gate will require a special treatment. These sites are mostly unreachable from the outside world, so they will be developed to work some time autonomously. The project RIS Serbia is executed by Periskal in cooperation with SELEX Sistemi Integrati for the services and by Periskal together with Spinnaker New Technologies for the supplies. RIS Serbia takes care of the fundamental connection on the Danube between the different RIS systems of the EU countries.
November 2008, Periskal wins RIS project in France

The partnership Periskal – Crup has recently won the tender for the setup of RIS (River Information Services) in Northern France and the Seine. The project includes a diversity of aspects such as the construction of an AIS base station network, the equipment of approximately 20 ships, the setup of an internet web portal, etc. The voluminous project must be completed in October 2009. Various shipping companies such as CFT, Cemex and private skippers were invited to take part into the project. AIS and on board navigation software are an essential part in the project. The various locks on the route will get access to the data of the ships e.g. position, expected time of arrival, sizes, etc. They will also be able to send information back. Different logistic parties participate as well in the project in order to promote the waterway transport.
The SIF project is a cooperation between VNF and the Wallonian waterway executive. The project is funded by the EU within the framework of RIS. For the partnership Periskal – CRUP it is a very significant project and a recognition for the knowledge of both companies on the score of River Information Services.

5-7 December 2007, 2nd European RIS Course, Odessa

The second European RIS course has been organised from 5-7 December 2007 at the Maritime Academy in Odessa. This course has been set up thanks to the cooperation between the Maritime Academy, Periskal, Rijkswaterstaat (the Netherlands) and Via Donau. The participants came from Russia, (the Ministry of Transport), Ukraine, the Hydrographic Services, the Ukraine Danube Shipping Company, Ukrrichflot, etc. The basic principles of RIS were explained thoroughly. On the closing day all participants received a certificate from the university.

6-9 November 2007, Europort Maritime Rotterdam,
the Netherlands

The interest in new products e.g. the integration of Orlaco Cameras and the Periskal Radar Overlay was gigantic. The option with the Padpilot SIGMA 560 has been shown on the booth of Radio Holland Group. The Padpilot is certainly the most innovative product available on the market nowadays.

23-24 October 2007, DISC Conference, Bratislava

One gave a presentation regarding the Periskal products. Some practical RIS solutions about the Danube were highlighted.

27 Juin 2007: Periskal Radar Overlay: Certified system, R-4-101
Recently Periskal received Type Approval for its Radar Overlay product. The Fachstelle für Verkherstechniken in Koblenz certified this product after a three days testing period. Periskal Radar Overlay is now compliant with the standard for Inland ECDIS navigation mode, standard for Radar equipment and Rate of Turn indicators. It is now officially a navigation equipment and can be combined with the radar picture onboard. The rules for radar equipment are defined by Rhine commission, Danube commission and European Union. So far only two products are compliant : Periskal Radar Overlay and the German Radarpilot 720.

The first new building with radar overlay was the Belgian tanker Talisman. On the picture left you will recognise the combined radar and chart build. In the middle the conning display with nautical information and extra functions. The AIS transponder was also integrated in the system and combined.

Danube Information System Conference (DISC)
November 7th-8th 2006, Budapest
Early November the first DISC Conference was held in Budapest. These conferences, formerly known as GIS Forum, have the aim to dissiminate knowledge about RIS 'River Information Services" technology amongst various actors working on the Danube.

Periskal presented the onboard technology with his product Tresco Inland ECDIS Viewer. Also other authorities presented products from Periskal. Many countries like Hungary purchased this year systems for EU projects like DaTram and Gyoris. A special partner in the conference were the Tsjech waterway authorities who work from this year on with the Tresco Inland ECDIS Viewer on the river Elbe.

October 24th-26th 2006, Odessa Maritime Exhibition, Ukraine
Periskal was present on the Odessa 212 Martime Exhibition. This exhibition took place in Ukraine, Odessa port from 24/10 till 26/10.
Many visitors could see the Periskal products for navigation on inland waters and Black Sea/Azov Sea. There was a lot of interest from the shipping companies and local authorities.

What are the recent developments?

- Improved Russian language in the Tresco Inland ECDIS Viewer
- New official charts from Ukraine Hydrographice office including Danube, Black Sea and Azov Sea
- Improved support for Russian speaking customers. They can have direct contact with Julia Freyne in the head office.
- Periskal Radar Overlay – integration with radar image – is now possible.
- Complete updated website www.periskal.com in Russian language

On Wednesday the 21 June PERISKAL organised a sailing event on board of the sailing ship the Eendracht. The managers gave a live demonstration of the newest evolution concerning River Information services. At Hoek van Holland one set sail for a short trip at sea. All the participants were very enthusiastic.
PERISKAL was strongly represented on the closing session of the DaTram project in Budapest, April 26th - 27th 2006
On the 26th and 27th in Budapest, Hungary, the closing session of the DaTram project was held. This project, supported by the EU, concentrated mainly on the traffic monitoring of dangerous cargo and calamity abatement in Hungary. Host of the conference was RSOE, the coordinator of the radio communication and calamity abatement in Hungary.
PERISKAL Tresco Wuustwezel, installed several software applications for ships and onshore. Systems were installed at the Hungarian Police, oilcompany MOL, DTSG Donau Tankshifffahrt, the Ministery of internal affaires and RSOE. In several presentations on the first day the advantages of RIS on the Danube were presented. Also an overview of the RIS acitivies in various neighbouring countries was given. On the second day a live demonstration was held on the Danube where the Tresco Inland ECDIS Viewer and BICS / Erinot were the central themes. A complete description of the DaTram project you can find on the website http://datram.rsoe.hu/

>> Download pdf: User Experiences in the project Dangerous Cargo Transport Monitoring on Inland Waterways
The celebrating of 150 years Danube Commission and 50 years of APPD in Rousse Bulgaria
The Persikal Group has presented her vision upon the technological evolution onboard of river vessels navigating on the Danube, at the occassion of the celebrating of 150 years Danube Commission and 50 years of APPD in Rousse Bulgaria. APPD is the Bulgarian river waterway authority. A large group of people was invited to join the celebrations in Rousse. The conference during the day was opened by the Bulgarian Minister of Transport and followed by various presentations about the history of the Danube Commission. In the afternoon various speakers, amongst them Periskal director Marc Persoons, were dealing with presentations about technical developments in RIS on the Danube.
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First European RIS course completed successfully

At the Odessa Maritime Academy has been completed the first RIS training course in Europe. The three day course dealed with all RIS topics like Electronic Reporting, Inland ECDIS, Notice to Skippers and Inland AIS. The course was possible due to the cooperation between various European working groups, the Periskal Group and the National Maritime Academy of Odessa (Ukraine). 
On the photo you can find the representatives of the biggest Ukrainian ship operators, the Ukraine Hydrographic Service, the chairman of the ERI working group with his right hand, the director of the Periskal Group, the head of the nautical faculty and the rector of the University.
Introduction of new PERISKAL GROUP successful on the Europort Maritime exhibition!
Tresco, leading company in navigation software for shipping industry, introduced the new ¨Periskal Group on the latest Rotterdam Europort exhibition.

The customers were very enthusiastic about the new developments and stated that this confirms the leading role of the Periskal group, by distinguising itself and its products from other competing companies with inferior products.
“We prefer your high quality inland ECDIS charts with depth information above old areal photos” said most of the visitors. The sales on the exhibition was a great success with more than 100 new navigation systems sold in 5 days. The lottery of the Routing modules was also a great success.

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